Introduction of rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp is a german citizen and the richest person in the forever living product business.

The rank of rolf Kipp is Double Diamond Manager in forever. Rolf Kipp joined the forever living product business in June 1995. He is one of only a few people that have a team of more than 1 million people all around the world. He is also the best distributor of forever living products in Europe. In business for home rank, rolf Kipp is the fourth biggest earner in the world. Rolf Kipp wrote many books. Forever living rich is his famous book.

Lifestyle and Monthly earning of rolf Kipp

The average monthly income of rolf Kipp is about $500,000 to $600,000

The top earner hit of rolf Kipp in the forever living product business is 900,000$ per month. With this fabulous income, he has become the most successful Networker in Europe.

The lifestyle of Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp lives a luxury lifestyle. He has a collection of cars of almost all brands. The worth of his collection of cars is about $1200,000. Yes, you heard right, about $1200,000. Except for cars, rolf Kipp has its Helicopter. the price of a Kipp helicopter is $5 MILLION.

Story of joining FOREVER by Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp join forever in a different way. He does not come forever in a business mindset. His mother’s kidney diseases bring him to join forever. His mother suffered from kidney disease which caused her skin too thin. Rolf Kipp and all his relatives were trying to help by suggesting different medications and foods. At that time, he read an interview of the founder of FOREVER. After this interview, he wanted to find their products. He send a fax to them at headquarter which was in the united states and latterly the next day, he was replied from the in-charge of the german territory of FOREVER living products. He used these products with her mother and found them very natural and effective. This was that time when rolf Kipp decided to make a downline of FOREVER living product in Germany. The German market was not open FOREVER. Only some people were familiar with FOREVER. Today, he is the best networker not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe.

Motivation from ROLF Kipp story

Rolf Kipp’s story tells us that life is a game of opportunities. We should never miss any opportunity in life because nothing is impossible in life. Rolf Kipp join FOREVER living products from scratch. He did not bear with millions of connections. He worked hard under a great platform FOREVER. As you know, at that time nobody knows forever very well in Germany. Nobody knows that a man from such a country will become the richest person in this unknown company. Now forever become the world’s largest trusted networking platform. Today, FOREVER say that Rolf Kipp our legend. This is called success.


FOREVER LIVING PRODUCT is a life-changing company and they are leading with Health and Fitness industry. this company was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978. The headquarter of forever is in the united state but franchises are in more than 70 countries of the world. Forever living products are the world’s best aloe vera products. Forever also allow you to start your business by marketing their products. Forever work as a family. As your team grows, the chances of your bright future with forever also grow. In short, the Forever living product is a globally trusted network marketing company full of opportunities to become a millionaire. 

Forever Sonya Products

Sonya™ daily skincare system:

 Scientifically advanced gel delivery system

– options a high concentration of burn plant and different botanicals

– For combination skin

– light enough for all ages

The Sonya™ daily skincare system includes:

– refreshing gel formulation

– illuminating gel

– refinement gel mask

– soothing gel moisturizer

Here are many of the superb edges in every skin-enhancing product (to learn a lot concerning every powerful ingredient profile, please see the individual product page):

– refreshing gel formulation has apple amino acids for a soft lather that doesn’t strip your skin.

– illuminating gel brightens the look(the looks) of the skin giving it a lot of bright appearances.

– refinement gel mask could be a PM mask that works where you sleep to regulate oil, improve skin tone and dampen the skin.

– soothing gel moisturizer boasts over ten plants and extracts moreover as scleroprotein and leaves your skin wet.

Use as a whole plan to induce all the unimaginable edges of the Sonya™ daily attention system. created specifically for combination skin which might fluctuate and vary greatly, this multi-tasker can’t solely manage oil, however, deliver wetness wherever it’s required most.


– Evens skin tone

– Brightens skins’ overall look

– Reduces the looks of enormous pores

Licorice root and a singular mix of inexperienced and algae facilitate to even skin tone and blur the looks older spots. This alga mix is paired with liposomes to make sure the advantages get delivered to your skin right wherever they’re required. we tend to additionally use purple clover flower extract to assist cut back the looks of enormous pores.

Another reason illuminating gel isn’t like anything on the market on the market could be a distinctive assortment of 5 Asian botanicals: Scutellaria baicalensis root, licorice root, mulberry root, shrub capillaris flower, and Ziziphus jujube fruit. These oriental plants are notable for his or her ability to even and brighten overall skin tone.

Your improved skin can mirror a soft, sleek texture and emit a healthy glow with desirous results. Use as a part of the Sonya™ daily attention system to regulate oil and deliver wetness wherever your skin wants it most.

SONYA™ refinement GEL MASK:

– Promotes healthy skin tone

– Supports fluctuations of combination skin

– Nourishes skin whereas you sleep

To make the foremost of your nap, we tend to infuse this gel with a bounty of botanicals, including carrot seed oil, basil oil, shrub pollens flower oil, and soyabean oil.

Because the cool gel quickly absorbs into your skin, you’ll feel the moisturizing impact of our wealthy, stable burn plant gel, and moisturizers like apple fruit extract, herbaceous plant flower extract that may leave your skin feeling soft with a vernal glow. Sasa quelpaertensis (Korean bamboo) extract, and root, which has been used for over 3000 years, offer inhibitor support during this formula. This high-quality mix moisturizes your skin while you sleep, while not going a greasy after-feel.

By victimization it solely 2-3 times every week, you’ll rouse to skin that appears brighter, younger, and a lot of balanced. Use it as a part of the Sonya™ daily attention system for best results.

SONYA™ Refreshing Gel Cleanser:

Instead of a soap base, our latest Sonya™ refreshing gel cleanser uses a replacement, gel delivery system to wash while not uncovering your skin because of our stable burn plant gel and powerful botanicals.

Long Description:

– Conditions whereas cleansing

– succulent soothes rather than uncovering skin

– a delicate lather for combination skin

You’ll notice from the instant the cooling gel touches your skin that this isn’t your high bubble, leave-your-skin-tight kind of expertise. Our succulent gel, bolstered with worldwide ingredients, makes for the most recent and best thanks to cleansing your face each morning and night for delicate and soothing expertise.

Apple amino acids and hydroxy acetophenone enrich the soft lather of refreshing gel formulation to support combination skin. tree concinna fruit extract helps take away dead cell buildup, dirt, and makeup for an intensive, however soft cleansing expertise.

Refreshing gel formulation not solely uses cleansing agents, however additionally includes moisturizing agents like cold ironed monkey-bread tree oil from trees in Senegal. This tree, additionally apprehend as “the tree of life” to natives, is understood to measure over five hundred years. The strength and longevity of this tree make it a wonderful extract to spice up our formula.

Move over ancient formulations! Sonya’s refreshing gel cleanser includes a new, gel delivery system that may have your skin feeling sleek and clean when each wash. Use as a part of the Sonya™ daily attention system for best results.


 scleroprotein to enhance the looks of skin

– Over ten natural plant extracts and oils

– A hydra-infused wetness carrier

You’ve ne’er felt a lotion like this before. Soothing gel moisturizer feels like a lotion, however, this gel primarily based formula melts into your skin. Over ten natural plant extracts and oils, as well as jojoba esters and oil, facilitate skin to feel hydrous and supple. Beta-glucan extracted from mushrooms has been superimposed to the present distinctive formula to assuage the skin and even skin tone.

We additionally superimposed anti-aging ingredients like polyunsaturated fatty acid and hydrolyzed scleroprotein, scientifically advanced to travel into the skin wherever its required most and phytic acid, strong support for combination skin, to enhance the design of your complexion.

To finish the formula, we tend to infuse it with skin oil, mandarin skin oil, roman herb flower oil, herbaceous plant flower oil, and Citrus bergamia fruit oil to depart skin feeling invigorated, creating this your new favorite well-rounded daily moisturizer.

Gently massage into skin on face and neck double each day within the morning and evening, except once victimization the refinement gel mask, Use it as a part of the Sonya™ daily attention system for best results.

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever C9(Cleansing Program In 9 Days)

Forever C9(Cleansing Program In 9 Days):

Art.-No .: 479 Vanilla & Cinnamon

Art.-No .: 486 Chocolate & Chocolate

Now that you have completed the Clean 9 program, you can continue with the FIT 1 or FIT 2 Touch.

And don’t think about leaving Clean 9 out. It has a purpose.

C9 is like the pre-wash and an absolute must.

First, the garbage has to be removed from the body. That is often the problem, why not lose weight. Anyone who has never cleansed their body will be amazed at how much better they feel afterward! Losing weight is a great job for your metabolism. For the most people with obesity, and until they are too acidic (that are after the holiday Marathon estimated 98% of the population) metabolism with only 2 cylinders. So to speak. By Clean 9 you will return to the six-cylinder and the weight loss works not only wonderful but without the usual tough phase with a bad mood and fight for every gram …Imagine you have rented a new apartment, fully equipped kitchen, including a freezer. And they bought delicious things that they want to fill in there. And now imagine, you open the freezer and find the rotten things from the previous owner.

What do you do?

Right! Declutter!

And we don’t do anything else with our bodies.

There are many approaches to a toned and beautiful body.

With Forever F.IT1 you will learn what possibilities there are to get your own body in top shape. Forever F.IT1 helps you change your mindset about nutrition, exercise, and self-motivation! You manage to lose weight. You manage to increase your well-being. You manage to change your body permanently. 

Forever FIT1 will show you HOW?

There is a 30-day nutrition plan. Follow this plan daily for best results with the FIT1 program.

Change your lifestyle:

If you want to lose weight, it’s very important that you

change your mindset. You should adopt a new lifestyle and break old habits. Otherwise, there is a risk of doing so immediately gain the lost weight again – the so-called yo-yo effect.

Consumption recommendation:

Everything is exactly in the enclosed brochure.

I wish you success!!!

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever Absorbent-C

About Forever Absorbent-C:

Absorbent C, the natural vitamin C product from Forever Living Products . This is a product that, in addition to vitamin C, contains other natural citrus flavonoids from lemons, oranges, and papaya, embedded in a matrix of oat bran as fiber and fiber.

In this way, vitamin C and the citrines mentioned are made available to the organism in a form that it can fully absorb as required. The delayed release of vitamin C from the oat bran matrix corresponds to the actual needs of our organism.

In the case of high stress and in the clear season of the year, the amount of vitamin C that is consumed daily with food is usually not sufficient. Daily consumption of Absorbent C gives the body the amount of vitamin C it needs. It also contains the fiber of oat bran, which is important for digestion . The smallest structural and functional unit of the body is the cell, which has to be supplied with vitamin C again and again . Under the influence of the nervous system and the blood system, she leads a limited, independent life with her own metabolism of substances and energy.

The cells of the human body share the work. They have specialized in certain services and trained accordingly in different forms and shapes. The cell consists of the cell body and the cell nucleus. Together they form a biological unit. Cells without a nucleus are only viable for a short time, e.g. red blood cells . Nuclei expelled from cells do not survive. The cell body consists of cytoplasm. During the metabolism of the cell , it absorbs substances from the outside, processes them into species-specific and excretes waste that is not required. Cellular respiration is necessary for this in order to   absorb oxygen and carbonic acidto be able to deliver. If the species’ own substances are used to build the cell, it is called building metabolism . When the substances for cell performance are consumed, the operating metabolism is present. Such an achievement is z. B. the formation of glandular secretions.


Made in the USA

Aloe of Amerc, Inc.

13745 Jupiter Road, Dallas, Texas 75238

Consumption recommendation:

Consume one tablet with liquid three times a day.


Oat bran,  sorbitol , honey,  ascorbic acid (vitamin C) , stearic acid, natural orange flavor,  citrus bioflavonoids , papaya fruit powder ,  silica.

Regards: Forever Living Products 

Forever Vit

About Forever Vit:

Vitamins are substances without which humans cannot live, that means without these substances we literally starve to death. Even if we get enough fat and carbohydrates.

Hence the name vitamins. They are the amines of life. Even if the serious deficiency diseases such as Beri-Beri or scurvy among sailors in the 17th century, fortunately no longer exist today, there are often special burdens and life situations such as B. Stress, hard sport, or smoking. In which the body makes more use of the life force than normal.

The latest study by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has shown that almost 30% of Germans take in too little vitamin C. This Microcensus 2 also found insufficient amounts of vitamin D in 90% of the population. The important trace element zinc and an extra portion of chilled iron are also not missing in Forever Vit. Chilled means organically bound and therefore particularly easy for the body to absorb. It gives color to the face and supports the immune system. Vegetarians in particular can use vitamin B 12 together with folic acid. All of the vitamins in Forever Vit play important roles in the structure and function of the human body.

With Forever Living Products, your family can really recharge their batteries with micronutrients. That is why we developed Forever Vit for you. With 4 of these delicious chewing tablets, you have already achieved 100% of the daily requirement of all vitamins. The contained B vitamins contribute to the normal functioning of the heart, nervous system, psyche, energy metabolism, mucous membranes and reduce tiredness.

Forever Vit is free from gluten, lactose, sugar, aspartame, colorings, and preservatives.

Healthy skin and hair are only the first visible signs of a good supply of vital substances. The whole body with all muscles and all organs benefits here. The perfect contribution to normal energy metabolism in all situations. Especially when, as is so often the case, we have to grow beyond ourselves.

Forever Vit supports energy metabolism and muscle growth. Simply great!

They look cool. On one side is the eagle, on the other is an aloe baby.

But why chewed tablets?

Forever attaches great importance to making naturally obtained vitamins available to the body as real food as naturally as possible. And with some vitamins, healthy digestion and optimal absorption begin with chewing in the mouth. The vitamins in Forever Vit are perfectly matched to one another like in natural food and thus create optimal synergy with one another.

Pay attention to the colors of these ingredients. In addition, the natural birch sugar xylitol is included here for the sweetness. And it has been proven to protect the teeth from caries bacteria.

Forever Vit has been awarded the Kosher and Halal seal.

Consumption recommendation:

Chew or suck a pellet four times a day. It is not tied to meals.


Xylitol,  sorbitol, calcium malate, magnesium malate, natural flavor,  citric acid, microcrystalline cellulose, anthocyanins, fruit and vegetable mix (consisting of paprika, tomato, strawberry, cranberry, acai berry, mangosteen, goji berry, pomegranate, blueberry, broccoli, spinach, kale, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin, grape, apple, acerola extract, K, fatty acids, silicon dioxide, magnesium salts, sucralose, guar gum, Copper gluconate,  iron,  zinc

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever Fast Break

Forever Fast Break:

It’s a nice addition to the Forever Ultra Shake, the Spring Breakfast. The bar is a solid, calorie-free, healthy product that is easy to drink. It is in every sports bag. The fitness center is a product for all men and women in all walks of life without any prior planning in the blink of an eye.

It is a snack on the go with many essentials

It contains many important nutrients

The bar provides high-quality protein, beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids, and high fiber content

It contains a special 4-phase protein blend: soy protein, whey extract, whey concentrate, and calcium caseinate

2: 1 ratio comparison of calcium and magnesium

Energy fast break for active people:

Forever Rest is best immediately after a workout or several times a day while improving strength training.

This bar is gluten-free!!

Recommended use:

One bar daily.

Vitamins and trace elements

 one bar GDA to one bar *

Vitamin A 900 11g 113% Cov

Vitamin C 36 45g 45%

Calcium 500 mg 60%

Iron 10.8 mg 77%

Vitamin E 18 mg 150%

Vitamin B1 0.9 mg 82%

Vitamin B2 1.02 mg 73%

Niacin (B3) 12 mg 75%

Vitamin B6 1.2 mg 86%

Folic acid (B9) 240 120g 120%

Vitamin B12 3.6 14g 144%

Biotin (B7) 150 300g 300%

Pantothenic acid (B5) 5 mg 83%

phosphorus 450 mg 64%

iodine 105 70g 70% cov

magnesium 240 mg 64%

zinc 7.5 mg 75%

selenium 21 38g 38%

copper 1 mg 100%

Manganese 1.4 mg 70%

Chromium 247 60g 60%

Molybdenum 52.5 105g 105%

Potassium 350 mg

* GDA – Indicates the cost of daily meals

The bar has plenty of nutrients and vitamins based on the Forever Ultra Shake. The bar also has delicious ingredients such as peanuts, honey, malt, and many other nutritious foods.


Peanuts, protein mix (soy protein), calcium caseinates, protein-protein, wheat bran, chocolate coating (sugar, coconut, cocoa powder; soy lecithin, vanilla), corn syrup, fructose syrup, maltitol syrup, peanuts, tricalcium phosphate, soy fiber, soy 11%), natural flavor, aloe vera gel, dicalcium phosphate, para-aminobenzoic acid, vitamin C, ferrous fumarate, vitamin E tocopherol, vitamin B3, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, vitamin A, manganese gluconate, vitamin D, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, Vitamin B12, folic acid.

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever A-Beta Care

 Forever A-Beta Care:

• Supports healthy skin

• Supports the circulatory system

• Powerful antioxidants

Forever A-Beta-Care is a combined value of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and the antioxidant selenium. Antioxidants are very important to fight free radicals (chemical molecules that emerge from pollutants in the body and damage healthy cells).

Vitamin A helps maintain the lining of the eyes and respiratory tract, urinary tract, and intestines. Forever A-Beta-Care is a specialized dietary supplement that delivers vitamin A to the body through beta-carotene. The body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A in the small intestine during digestion or if needed, increasing the risk of vitamin A overdose (which can be toxic when taken in large doses). Beta-carotene is also a recognized antioxidant, making it an ideal partner for vitamin E and Selenium.

Vitamin E, an oily vitamin, is a great supplement for healthy skin. It also protects vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in body cells and prevents body tissue damage.

Selenium is a mineral and is one of the most powerful antioxidant nutrients known to be used synergistically with vitamin E and beta-carotene. Useful for healthy skin, hair and eyes care. This combination of nutrients, available in all convenient products, is one of the most important supplements for health.

A-Beta Care from Forever Living Products is an antioxidant complex with provitamin A, vitamin E and the trace element selenium in a balanced ratio.

We often consume some elements and vitamins with food, which are protective ingredients for cells and the immune system.

A-Beta Care soft capsules incorporate several mutually supportive antioxidants. Because A-Beta-Care protects cells from oxidation, it can have a positive effect on the condition of hair and skin. Highly recommended for screen work and supporting circulation function.

Special features of good capsules:

Soft capsules have the advantage of being flexible and resilient made of plastic of soft capsule material and the proportion of gelatin and water. Soft capsules can be used to replace other doses due to shortages. The oily and liquid contents are difficult to produce as pills or tablets, while they can be easily made as soft capsules.

Doses in A-Beta Care are chosen in order to have excellent bioavailability.

Selenium can be enriched in tragacanth or garlic species as Se-methylselenocysteine. The most well -known source of selenium among foods is Brazilian nuts. As an essential trace element, selenium is part of the 21st biogenic amino acid, selenocytistin, as well as found in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes.


As a fat -soluble vitamin A and E supplement, it is recommended to absorb C because it is also a powerful antioxidant.

Recommended dose:

One capsule twice daily. Recommended for night blindness due to lack of vitamin A and is often used on screen.

Produced By:

Aloe Vera of America, Inc. 13745 Jupiter Road, Dallas, Texas


Soybean oil, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, gelatine, glycerine, beeswax (Cera Alba), water, rosemary, carrot oil, soy alecthin, dark grasshopper gum, beta-carotene (provitamin A), selenium.

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever Active Probiotic

Forever Active Probiotic:

A dietary supplement on the German market is Forever Active Probiotic. For many people, the modern way of life leads to incorrect eating habits. It is therefore no longer guaranteed that the body receives an adequate supply of probiotics. Common lactic acid bacteria have a crucial impact on our overall well-being. Almost no other organ in the body affects our well-being as much as the intestines. Especially nowadays, when stress determines daily life, there are more and more health problems.

He always understands the important role that these beneficial microorganisms play in the well-being of people and has recognized the need for a probiotic dietary supplement in today’s affluent society. Forever Active Probiotic is available in the practical form of small beads that are easily swallowed. And in order for bacterial strains to get safely to where they belong, it forever uses a patented encapsulation technology that protects the probiotic and releases it only when it reaches the gut.

Intestines with a length of eight meters and an area of ​​about 400m² our largest areal connection to the outside world. It is therefore not surprising that many health phenomena have their cause there. The body often reacts through the skin when there are intestinal problems.

Our intestinal system has a central function in immune defense. Therefore fungal diseases in the digestive tract often result in an immune deficiency. Used internally, aloe vera inhibits the growth of fungi and strengthens the immune system. [Source: Jutta Oppermann – Aloe Vera]

Forever Active Probiotic is composed of six coordinated bacterial cultures. They ensure that the intestinal flora is in balance. These lactic acid probiotic bacteria are derived from the two active genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. They are present in a high concentration of 1 billion CFU (colony forming units) for beads. What is special about it is that it works side by side with the patented aloe vera gel from Forever.

Forever Active Probiotic can restore the natural balance of intestinal flora promotes and support the absorption of nutrients. Because you do not need cold storage, it is ideal when you are outdoors and ready to boost your immune system.

Consumption recommendation: 

Consume one pellet per day as a dietary supplement with enough water on an empty stomach or two hours after a meal.

A bead of this nutritional supplement contains:

1 billion CFU (Colony Formation Units) of six probiotic bacterial cultures. This corresponds to 7.43 mg Lactobacillus Acidophilus, 7.43 mg Bifidobacterium Longum, 0.02 mg Bifidobacterium Lactus, 0.06 mg Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, 0.45 mg Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, 0.03 mg Lactobacillus Plantarum


Palm oil, fish gelatin, a mixture of the following microorganisms: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Slicerin, Glacier.

Regards: Forever Living products

Forever Bee Pollen

About Forever Bee Pollen:

Use the knowledge of bees:

Every delicious Forever bee pollen contains the purest bee pollen from flowering plants in the desert highlands. These pollen are rich in valuable proteins, fatty acids, enzyme complexes, B vitamins, and minerals, and are a natural source of energy. Immortal bee pollen also provides you with important micronutrients. The natural substance bee pollen is famous for its effects. Therefore, it can strengthen the immune system and help relieve occasional weakness and fatigue. But it’s not just exhaustion and fatigue. Bee pollen is good for health. Bee pollen is not only good for your libido. You will feel more comfortable, have more sustainable energy and increase your endurance. You can reduce stress and strengthen immunity. War on allergies, as already mentioned; improve your life.

Without Preservatives and Contaminants:

Forever Living Products offers you a wonderful line of 100% unadulterated regular honey bee items, without any pesticides, additives, and different pollutants, that capture in their fixings just the force of nature. The colonies of the bees area are in an optimal region, where the perfect climate disposes of foreign substances like pesticides and different toxins. 

Current Ecological Facilities:

Forever’s apiaries are situated at a desert level in Sonora, Arizona, USA. The closest town is around 300 km away from the hives. Inside the offices, moves are made distinctly with electric vehicles and for the most part, the environmental model is continued in all day-by-day exercises. 

Bee pollen is powerful nourishment for us humans, both men, and women. Bee pollen is a powerful antioxidant because zinc is also packed here. Zinc is closely related to libido. Natural libido enhancers are rich in zinc, making them an incredible super nutritional supplement for men and women during sex. FLP Bee Pollen will help you deal with stress more easily. Because it contains a comprehensive range of amino acids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, it can improve mood and help fight stress. Natural pressure harms our life.

Every delicious Forever Bee Pollen contains the purest bee pollen from flowering plants in the desert highlands. These pollen are rich in valuable proteins, fatty acids, enzyme complexes, B vitamins, and minerals, and are a natural source of energy. Forever Bee Pollen also provides you with important micronutrients. The natural substance bee pollen is famous for its effects. Therefore, it can strengthen the immune system and help relieve occasional weakness and fatigue.


American Aloe Company

13745 Jupiter Road, Dallas, Texas 75238


Bee pollen (86%), honey, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, royal jelly.

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake

About Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake:

This diet program is made from genetically modified soy protein. With two shakes a day, your body gets enough minerals and vitamins. Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake contains only 90 calories per serving and is canned.

This everlasting vibration helps you get closer to the weight you dream of. But Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake alone is not enough. In addition, regular exercise is important and a calorie-free and fat-free diet. The concussion is also suitable as a milk concussion between them. In the spring, you can use crushed ice and fresh crushed or chopped fruit. This shake is also available in the Chocolate range.

You can replace one or two dishes in 300 ml of skim milk or water with a level measuring spoon Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake. Forever Ultra Vanilla Shake is a product from the Cologne list.

No anabolic steroids or prohormones are produced by companies involved in production processes. Contact with prohormones or anabolic steroids is excluded during production, processing, and sale.

Manufacturer’s comments:

Protein-rich concussion. Completely vegetarian and rich in vitamins and trace elements.


Dilute one tablespoon (= 25 g) in 300 ml of skim milk, optionally dissolve in water, stir until creamy, and then enjoy. You can also taste it with crushed ice or fruit.

Consumer recommendation:

Replace the meal by shaking once or twice a day.

Vitamins and minerals:


Nutritional values per meal * GDA ** per meal

Vitamin A 400μg 50%

Vitamin B1 0.55 mg 50%

Vitamin B2 0.70 mg 50%

Vitamin B3 8.0 mg 50%

Vitamin B5 3.0 mg 50%

Vitamin B6 0.7 mg 50%

biotin 25 µg 50%

Folic acid 100 μg 50%

Vitamin C 40 mg 50%

Vitamin D 2.5 μg 50%

Vitamin E 6.0 mg 50%

vitamin B12 1.25 µg 50%

calcium 400 mg 50%

copper 0.5 mg 50%

iodine 75 µg 50%

Iron 7.0 mg 50%

magnesium 187.5 mg 50%

manganese 1.0 mg 50%

phosphorus 350 mg 50%

potassium 1000 mg 50%

selenium 27.50 µg 50%

sodium 287.5 mg 50%

zinc 5.0 mg 50%


* per meal: 25 g of powder + 300 ml of skim milk

** GDA – guide cost for daily energy intake


Soy Protein Isolate, High Oleic Aspirin Oil Powder, Fructose, Potassium Phosphate, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Fructoligosaccharides, Sodium Phosphate, Guar Sand (E 412), Magnesium Oxide (11%), Protease Blend (E 1101), Sukra, Calcium Carbonate, Ascorbic Acid, Ferrus Fumarate, D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Niacianamide, Potassium Iodide, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate, Biotin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A, Bridge Sulfate, Hydroxide Chloride, Pirin Folic acid, sodium selenite.

Regards: Forever Living Products