Forever Aloe Heat Lotion

About Forever Aloe Heat Lotion:

After a long and active day, we all know the misery of tired, sore muscles. 

Now you can’t go beyond holding a tube of Aloe Heat Lotion! This rich emollient lotion contains deeply warming ingredients to make it a perfect massage companion for tired muscles and dry skin. 

Aloe Vera Lotion is a pH-balanced moisturizing lotion designed for soft and gentle massage. Aloe Vera’s deep penetrating power will help soothe your muscles after exercise or strenuous exercise!

 Calm away from the tensions of the day:

• Helps calm sore muscles 

• Nourishes the skin 

• Menthol and eucalyptus aroma 

• Vegetarian agreeable 

• Vegan agreeable 

• Gluten-free 

Experience the loosening up the vibe of Aloe Heat Lotion after an intense exercise or taxing day at work. 

This aloe-controlled equation conveys warming and cooling impacts to assist with calming sore muscles. 

Super rich and non-oily, this velvety cream is ideally suited for a profound, loosening-up back rub to make your psyche and muscles feel relaxed. 

Aloe Heat Lotion goes on cool and animates with the impression of aloe and menthol to calm on contact. It then, at that point, warms, while fixings like eucalyptus loosen up your muscles and make a normally sweet-smelling experience. 

The aloe utilized in this skin-sustaining cream is developed at Forever’s aloe fields. 

We hand gather and hand filet each leaf to guarantee quality balanced out aloe vera is in each container of Aloe Heat Lotion. 

By joining our aloe with other amazing regular fixings, Forever has made a salve that won’t just leave you feeling looser, however, leave your skin feeling delicate, smooth, and supported. 

Back rub away the burdens of the day and feel invigorated and prepared to take on tomorrow. 


Apply generously and knead into the skin on a case-by-case basis. Stay away from contact with eyes. Should contact happen, flush with water for a considerable length of time. 


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel/gel d’aloès official stabilized), Water (Aqua), Methyl Salicylate, Glyceryl Stearate, Propanediol, Cetyl Alcohol, Arginine, Menthol, PEG-100 Stearate, Eucalyptus Globulus.

Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever Bright Tooth-Gel

About Forever Bright Tooth-Gel:

Aloe vera has always been valued for its many uses and functions, including dental care. 

With the help of Forever Bright, one of the best dental gels on the market, your teeth will shine. 

Formulated for the use of the whole family, it contains only the highest quality ingredients that shine forever. It is also suitable for vegetarians, as there are no animal by-products. 

The natural scents of mint and spearmint leave the mouth fresh and clean. 

Years of research, development, and collaboration with academics and dentists have provided eternal life with the optimal aloe-based formula for effective cleaning. your family will love the taste and cleanliness in the mouth.

Progressed teeth cleaning power for the entire family:

• For a new and clean inclination


• without fluoride


• Contains honey bee propolis


• Refreshing normal mint character


• Gluten-free


• Vegetarian cordial



Forever Bright® tooth gel joins aloe vera with regular elements for clean teeth, new breath, and reviving character. 

Our recipe is without fluoride so your entire family can partake in the mix of regular peppermint and spearmint with a foamy surface that will leave your mouth feeling new and clean. 

This creative tooth gel is made from Forever’s estates using aloe vera gel and can help you fight plaque as a feature of a normal brushing schedule. 

Forever Bright® also contains honey bee propolis, which has been shown to improve chewing gum and prevent horrible breathing.

Forever led long periods of exploration, teaming up with researchers and dental specialists to make an ideal aloe-based recipe that is protected and compelling for the whole family. 

With no creature results, Forever Bright® is an incredible choice for veggie lovers and vegans. 

Cleaning your teeth two times every day and keeping a decent eating routine is the most ideal approach to guarantee your teeth look and feel extraordinary. 

Our tooth gel is the ideal expansion to your everyday schedule. 

Treat your mouth to the strengthening sensation and cleaning force of Forever Bright®.

Important information:


Aloe barbadensis gel (stabilized aloe vera gel), sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, Chondrus Crispus (carrageenan), flavor (flavor), bee propolis, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, chloroform.


Brush your teeth twice a day.


Regards: Forever Living Products

Forever ARGI Plus(+)

 Helpful force pack of nourishment and execution 

• Supports nitric oxide creation 

• Helps support the cardiovascular framework 

• Promotes athletic execution 

• Delicious berry flavor 

• Gluten-free 

Forever ARGI+ packs significantly more than scrumptious berry flavor into each stick pack. The essential fixing, L-Arginine, is an incredible amino corrosive that assists the body with making the “marvel particle” nitric oxide. 

At the point when L-Arginine is changed over into nitric oxide, it assumes a significant supporting part in cardiovascular wellbeing by supporting ideal course and inward vein wellbeing by permitting oxygen, blood, and supplements to travel even more efficiently throughout the body. The expansion of veins made by nitric oxide advances ideal flow, yet in addition, assumes a significant part in cell division and solid invulnerable capacity. 

Forever ARGI+ takes the cardiovascular advantages significantly further by including key heart-advancing supplements. Nutrient D is fundamental for insusceptibility and skeletal wellbeing while B nutrients contribute to energy creation and digestion. We likewise added grape skin and pomegranate for their solid cancer prevention agent properties. 

To lay it out plainly, one parcel of ARGI+ helps support flow and cardiovascular wellbeing, insusceptibility, athletic execution, muscle capacity, energy, and more to control your daily practice and keep you performing at your closest to perfect. 

Just mix a bundle into the water to partake in the exuberant berry flavors or add it to your #1 drink. Forever ARGI+ combines flavorfully with Forever Aloe Berry Nectar or our 99.7% unadulterated Forever Aloe Vera Gel. 

Fuel your dynamic way of life with Forever ARGI+ and find your latent capacity. 

The request has not been assessed by the Food and Administration Administration.


Blend one bundle of ARGI+ Enhanced Formula well with 8 fl. oz. (240 mL) of water or other drink once every day.

All fantasies start some place

All fantasies start someplace 

Founded in 1978 with more than just fantasy and hard work, Forever is today a multi-billion dollar organization in Scottsdale, Arizona that makes and sells many health and beauty items. 

People like you share these life-enhancing things and allow you to venture into business without the risk and secure your financial future with proven deals. With countless merchants in over 155 countries, Forever offers you a truly extraordinary opportunity to create a better and more luxurious life.

The originator, Rex, disclosed his business idea to his nearest loved ones. Offer customer items demonstrated to advance great, enduring wellbeing – and do as such in an individual manner to the general population. Rather than placing a huge amount of cash into conventional publicizing, we repay each and every individual who will impart our incredible items to their loved ones. 

Straightforward business. Top caliber and genuine. 

The great nature of our items joined with the straightforwardness of our marketable strategy guarantees that everybody can work on their way of life. 

Some begin as clients, searching for better wellbeing items, and can’t resist the urge to impart their extraordinary encounters to the items with others. Others promptly see the extraordinary pay openings and quickly start a fruitful business from home. 

Along with a large number of individuals like you who share similar objectives throughout everyday life – better wellbeing and independence from the rat race – Forever is fruitful because we care about exactly the same things as you. 

Forever gives you the force and assets to assume liability for your future and carry on with the existence you’ve without exception needed. 

“Forever offers an exciting opportunity where the Forever Business Owner enters the business but is rarely alone.”

Forever Living Products is a multinational network marketing company.
Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 in the United States, Arizona, by Rex Maughan. Forever Living Products offers the highest quality aloe vera products and has been recognized as the world’s leading multilevel marketing opportunity (FBO) for forty-three years!