Forever C9(Cleansing Program In 9 Days)

Forever C9(Cleansing Program In 9 Days):

Art.-No .: 479 Vanilla & Cinnamon

Art.-No .: 486 Chocolate & Chocolate

Now that you have completed the Clean 9 program, you can continue with the FIT 1 or FIT 2 Touch.

And don’t think about leaving Clean 9 out. It has a purpose.

C9 is like the pre-wash and an absolute must.

First, the garbage has to be removed from the body. That is often the problem, why not lose weight. Anyone who has never cleansed their body will be amazed at how much better they feel afterward! Losing weight is a great job for your metabolism. For the most people with obesity, and until they are too acidic (that are after the holiday Marathon estimated 98% of the population) metabolism with only 2 cylinders. So to speak. By Clean 9 you will return to the six-cylinder and the weight loss works not only wonderful but without the usual tough phase with a bad mood and fight for every gram …Imagine you have rented a new apartment, fully equipped kitchen, including a freezer. And they bought delicious things that they want to fill in there. And now imagine, you open the freezer and find the rotten things from the previous owner.

What do you do?

Right! Declutter!

And we don’t do anything else with our bodies.

There are many approaches to a toned and beautiful body.

With Forever F.IT1 you will learn what possibilities there are to get your own body in top shape. Forever F.IT1 helps you change your mindset about nutrition, exercise, and self-motivation! You manage to lose weight. You manage to increase your well-being. You manage to change your body permanently. 

Forever FIT1 will show you HOW?

There is a 30-day nutrition plan. Follow this plan daily for best results with the FIT1 program.

Change your lifestyle:

If you want to lose weight, it’s very important that you

change your mindset. You should adopt a new lifestyle and break old habits. Otherwise, there is a risk of doing so immediately gain the lost weight again – the so-called yo-yo effect.

Consumption recommendation:

Everything is exactly in the enclosed brochure.

I wish you success!!!

Regards: Forever Living Products

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