Forever Bright Tooth-Gel

About Forever Bright Tooth-Gel:

Aloe vera has always been valued for its many uses and functions, including dental care. 

With the help of Forever Bright, one of the best dental gels on the market, your teeth will shine. 

Formulated for the use of the whole family, it contains only the highest quality ingredients that shine forever. It is also suitable for vegetarians, as there are no animal by-products. 

The natural scents of mint and spearmint leave the mouth fresh and clean. 

Years of research, development, and collaboration with academics and dentists have provided eternal life with the optimal aloe-based formula for effective cleaning. your family will love the taste and cleanliness in the mouth.

Progressed teeth cleaning power for the entire family:

• For a new and clean inclination


• without fluoride


• Contains honey bee propolis


• Refreshing normal mint character


• Gluten-free


• Vegetarian cordial



Forever Bright® tooth gel joins aloe vera with regular elements for clean teeth, new breath, and reviving character. 

Our recipe is without fluoride so your entire family can partake in the mix of regular peppermint and spearmint with a foamy surface that will leave your mouth feeling new and clean. 

This creative tooth gel is made from Forever’s estates using aloe vera gel and can help you fight plaque as a feature of a normal brushing schedule. 

Forever Bright® also contains honey bee propolis, which has been shown to improve chewing gum and prevent horrible breathing.

Forever led long periods of exploration, teaming up with researchers and dental specialists to make an ideal aloe-based recipe that is protected and compelling for the whole family. 

With no creature results, Forever Bright® is an incredible choice for veggie lovers and vegans. 

Cleaning your teeth two times every day and keeping a decent eating routine is the most ideal approach to guarantee your teeth look and feel extraordinary. 

Our tooth gel is the ideal expansion to your everyday schedule. 

Treat your mouth to the strengthening sensation and cleaning force of Forever Bright®.

Important information:


Aloe barbadensis gel (stabilized aloe vera gel), sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, Chondrus Crispus (carrageenan), flavor (flavor), bee propolis, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, chloroform.


Brush your teeth twice a day.


Regards: Forever Living Products

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