Forever Absorbent-C

About Forever Absorbent-C:

Absorbent C, the natural vitamin C product from Forever Living Products . This is a product that, in addition to vitamin C, contains other natural citrus flavonoids from lemons, oranges, and papaya, embedded in a matrix of oat bran as fiber and fiber.

In this way, vitamin C and the citrines mentioned are made available to the organism in a form that it can fully absorb as required. The delayed release of vitamin C from the oat bran matrix corresponds to the actual needs of our organism.

In the case of high stress and in the clear season of the year, the amount of vitamin C that is consumed daily with food is usually not sufficient. Daily consumption of Absorbent C gives the body the amount of vitamin C it needs. It also contains the fiber of oat bran, which is important for digestion . The smallest structural and functional unit of the body is the cell, which has to be supplied with vitamin C again and again . Under the influence of the nervous system and the blood system, she leads a limited, independent life with her own metabolism of substances and energy.

The cells of the human body share the work. They have specialized in certain services and trained accordingly in different forms and shapes. The cell consists of the cell body and the cell nucleus. Together they form a biological unit. Cells without a nucleus are only viable for a short time, e.g. red blood cells . Nuclei expelled from cells do not survive. The cell body consists of cytoplasm. During the metabolism of the cell , it absorbs substances from the outside, processes them into species-specific and excretes waste that is not required. Cellular respiration is necessary for this in order to   absorb oxygen and carbonic acidto be able to deliver. If the species’ own substances are used to build the cell, it is called building metabolism . When the substances for cell performance are consumed, the operating metabolism is present. Such an achievement is z. B. the formation of glandular secretions.


Made in the USA

Aloe of Amerc, Inc.

13745 Jupiter Road, Dallas, Texas 75238

Consumption recommendation:

Consume one tablet with liquid three times a day.


Oat bran,  sorbitol , honey,  ascorbic acid (vitamin C) , stearic acid, natural orange flavor,  citrus bioflavonoids , papaya fruit powder ,  silica.

Regards: Forever Living Products