Aloe Ever-Shield

Aloe Ever-shield Deodorant Stick:

Alcohol and salt are odorless to keep you cool every day

Sweet and Effective Deodorant Stick Forever for Skin Care by Aloe Vera. The soft and comfortable unisex texture does not stain or leave marks on clothing. 

Aloe vera Deodorant paste from Forever Living is from the first line and is one of our best sellers. Try it, you will not lose my promise.

To whom?

Forever Tears is a product for anyone who wants to make sure it stays fresh all day. 

Its sweet smell makes it suitable for both women and men.

Forever we can trust:

Wherever you are, no matter what you do – when the temperature and speed rise during the day, it’s good to feel as fresh as you leave the house in the morning. 

Aloe Ever-Shield Forever Deodorant provides lasting protection from bad odors during the day.

Aloe vera deodorant with integrated skincare:

One of the most important ingredients in the Aloe Ever-Shield deodorant stick is our aloe vera, which provides skincare and moisturizing and moisturizing properties. 

It allows you to apply aloe Ever-Shield immediately after shampooing, shaving, and waxing.

The entire day smell security with the relieving force of aloe:

• Contains no aluminum salt 

• Great for all skin types, even touchy 

• Rich, alleviating surface 

• Does not smudge garments 

• Vegetarian amicable 

• Vegan amicable 

• Gluten-free 

New scented and delicate on touchy skin, Aloe Ever-Shield offers the entire day security against underarm smell with the calming force of aloe. This antiperspirant contains no aluminum salts so you can apply straightforwardly in the wake of showering or waxing without disturbance. 

In fact, like all other aloe vera products, aloe Ever-Shield® is made from unripe aloe vera using our aloe vera fields. 

Made with normal fixings, this antiperspirant skims on without a hitch and doesn’t smudge garments. 

The spotless, charming smell is rarely overwhelming. All the more significantly, Aloe Ever-Shield has utilized fixings like aluminum that could be hurtful or cause unfavorably susceptible responses. 

Keep up with that crisp inclination the entire day, in any event, when the temperature rises and the pressing factor is on. 

Face the day with certainty knowing that Aloe Ever-Shield® is here to make you feel new and clean.

Deodorant Forever is easy to use:

Thanks to its shape, functionality, and texture, aloe Ever-Shield is easy to apply. It smells sweet and does not leave stains on clothes. Aloe Ever-Shield is not aluminum chloride no.

A key component of Forever Deodorant:

Aloe Vera gel (4%), Purified water, perfume.


Apply Aloe Ever-Shield to your arms every day for a new and clean incline throughout the day.

Regards: Forever Living Products

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