About Forever Living Products

About Forever Living Products

Aloe Vera Forever Living was founded in the United States in 1978 by Mr. Rex Maughan. Our goal is to make the products available to everyone around the world. Forever Living has several important patents that are very useful for the manufacture and preservation of its products. Preservation is achieved with vitamins C and E. Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel is very similar to pure leaf gel, it does not press, which means that important ingredients are lost or made long-lasting with chemicals or even irradiated. The peel is detached from the pulp of the leaf under clinically hygienic conditions. The gelatinous inner workings of the leaves are then carefully stabilized.

Forever Living Products does not have the usual faces of business leaders, sales managers, salespeople, and computer specialists. Behind are the faces of our family. When Rex Maughan founded Forever Living, he brought a higher quality to the lives of his friends and family. And that meant creating a company whose business quality was above average. A business where all decisions are fair and where each employee is a family. Find out who we are and you will understand why Forever Living Products is so different from any other company. Become a member of our great family!

Forever Living Products Germany has set itself the task of enabling all people, regardless of their education and training, to become independent employees and to use the financial advantages of business marketing. None of us need to fly across the pond for this. Because FLP Germany has its German headquarters in Munich. We offer you the freedom to discover your unlimited possibilities. The freedom to choose your own livelihood or lifestyle has never been as great as it is today. Important changes are taking place in the workforce. Hierarchies of promotions and hopeless jobs are increasingly being replaced by free entrepreneurship and freedom of choice about one’s destiny.

Forever Living Products Germany’s proven beauty and nutritional supplement products are unique, easy to use, and our customers love to use them. You will become a boss yourself and can work in your family environment if you market these exclusive products from Forever Living Products Germany. At the same time, you receive commissions that can be higher than the income you would earn if you were employed anywhere. Now imagine that you get half the trade margin on your purchases and sales. This is the case with Forever Living Products. Our marketing plan actually offers you ten different ways to earn money.

Network marketing is a form of the franchise with direct sales elements. The Forever Living Products group of companies relies on the recommendation of products from a manufacturer through an intermediary to end customers. In addition to the possibility of selling products from a manufacturer directly to an end customer or recommending their purchase, the business partner in network marketing has the freedom to create a network of business partners. It markets products that promote health, food supplements and cosmetics, perfumes and household cleaning products, and much more.

In his daily business, the networker buys products for himself, to sell them to end customers, and also looks for business partners who do the same. These in turn obtain the products for their own consumption directly from the manufacturer and for sale to final customers and duplicate what they do. This creates consumer networks through which the FLP group of companies markets itself to business partners and end customers. Based on the sales generated in this consumer network, the network marketing company pays fixed commissions to the business partners.

And what does Forever Team Marketing mean to you?

If you are lucky enough to be integrated with Forever Team Marketing, that means that you will receive bonuses and discounts when end-users buy products through your recommendation.

Even better,

When you sponsor others to become independent distributors, you get bonuses and discounts on their sales and on the sales of the distributors who sponsored them. So you earn bonuses and discounts from different generations of sponsored distributors, and the better they are, the better you will be. That’s the win-win principle of Forever Living Products Team Marketing. So it’s no wonder that Forever has grown into one of the largest companies in the industry.

We have both:

The product and marketing plan you need to be successful in your own business.

What impression does the sponsor make?

In the case of ME. People who tell you stories about their supposed millionaire income and then come in in worn-out clothes should be treated with caution. You also need to be wary of seemingly exaggerated income opportunities. The golden rule for the beginning, always making the corresponding personal commitment: part-time jobs are definitely possible up to approx. 400 euros. If you want to start full-time, you should only do so when the part-time job is already in the range of more than 1,500 euros per month.

3/4 of all newcomers to us are looking for the opportunity to earn money and not spend it. Many networking companies require an initial order, which of course also makes sense. Because in the long run you can’t be enthusiastic about or earn money from something you don’t know about the products and have never used. In the years with Forever, I’ve heard the saying, “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. And it was always true.

To become a reseller, you must complete a “Request for Authorization as a Reseller” (discount buyer). This is comparable to a customer number request at a mail-order business. You get your own customer number. An initial order of 100.00 euros is required. Each additional order is also from 100.00 euros. A customer number must be requested in writing. You have no more obligations. There are no entry or administrative costs. Also, there are no annual fees or minimum monthly purchase amounts.

This is the cheapest way to meet your own private needs. You will receive the merchandise on the account; This invoice will be debited from your account a few days later with your consent. If you don’t want it, the company will send you an invoice first.

After your registration with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS, I will receive a copy of your FLP application. You have chosen the cheapest option to meet your own private needs. I expressly point out that you do NOT have to exchange the products to benefit from a preferred customer number. Up to a purchase of 2 CC (box credited), you receive a purchase advantage of 15%. If you pass these 2 CCs you will always get 30%. You can divide the 2 CCs into two consecutive months, but it is not necessary. Ex: August = 1.2 CC Sep. = 0.8 CC. So you get 30% as a discount buyer, 5% customs discount, and 5% personal purchase.

Regards: Forever Living Products

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